UTF-8 Unicode Character Set in Teradata

How to handle UTF8 Unicode Character set in Teradata.Teradata provides few of the best data loading utilities to its user namely Fastload and Multiload.Both of the utilities are extremely popular in Teradata Database world.User can import data from a data file into the RDBMS table very easily and tremendously quickly using these utilities.However , while loading data into the tables from Data files one must take precaution regarding the file format of data file.Generally, it is ASCII for Data files as well as Teradata Utilites.

However there is another very common File Format used which is  UTF8.If a user tries to load data in UTF8 format to a table in ASCII format, chances are that data while loading into the table may get corrupt and will not be displayed properly.In order to handle such situation, a user must explicitly mention the CHARSET to be used for session while loading data into the table.

For Fastload user can used following command before logon command in order to handle UTF8 File Format:


In Multiload, user can pass CHARSET parameter dynamically by following command :

mload -c UTF8 < file.mld 

Try these commands and share your opinion.

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  1. Great Solution. This worked like charm for me. Have been trying to locate this response for so many hours. You made my day. Thanks for the solution.

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