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Welcome to Teradata Tutorial

Welcome to Teradata tutorial. The website will help you in learning teradata quickly and in a very planned manner. You will learn basics about teradata through many examples shared in the website. I have also covered teradata advanced topics like store procedures, recursive queries and also Teradata utilities like TPT , Fastload.

If you are working as a data engineer on teradata then this website will help you in learning Teradata basics, architecture, SQL , utilities and other important ETL concepts.

If you are starting with Teradata or if you are preparing for Teradata interviews then this website will definitely help you.

Teradata Tutorial – Basic Concepts

In this section we will read about Teradata architecture and how to connect to Teradata. We will also see depending on your role and responsibility in the team what should be the appropriate learning path for you.

Teradata Introduction

In this post, read about what is teradata and why so many organisations use teradata as the preferred data warehouse solution. We will also read about the basics of teradata architecture and why is it a MPP. The post also covers advance architecture details.

I have also built many custom Teradata solutions to complete usual Teradata tasks and you can use it for free.

Teradata Import Script Generator

You can use this web-based Teradata solution to generate import scripts like BTEQ import, Fastload, Multiload & TPT Load scripts.

Teradata SQL Cheat Sheet

You can refer to this quick Teradata SQL Cheat Sheet to help you get started with Teradata SQL or as a refresher before your interviews.

Teradata Tutorial - Topics
Teradata Tutorial – Topics

Teradata Tutorial – Part 1

This is more of theoretical concepts.

Teradata Tutorial – Part 2

This is more of practical implementations.

  1. Teradata Introduction
  2. Teradata Utilities
  3. Teradata Storage
  4. Teradata Tables
  5. Teradata System Tables/Views
    • DBC
  6. Teradata Indexes
  7. Teradata LOCKS
  1. Teradata SQL
  2. Performance Tuning
    • Explain
    • Statistics
    • PI Skewness
    • PPI
    • Join/Filter conditions
    • Subquery VS Joins
    • No Fallback/Journal/Log
    • Window Functions
    • Update vs Delete + Insert
    • Query Rewrite
    • Compression
    • Join Index
  3. Other Objects
  4. Join Strategies
    • Hash/Nested/Merge/Product

If I have missed any Topic which you feel I should cover as part of Teradata Tutorial course feel free to drop a comment below.

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