Teradata SQL Assistant – An Overview

Teradata SQL Assistant is the SQL Editor which is most widely used to execute SQL queries on Teradata. The Teradata SQL Assistant has very easy to use GUI and it is far more comfortable to work on this editor than working on any other SQL Editor for Teradata. Teradata SQL Assistant has almost all the functionality which can be achieved via BTEQ.

Teradata SQL Assistant - DEFINE DATA SOURCE
Teradata SQL Assistant – DEFINE DATA SOURCE

The first step after opening Teradata SQL Assistant must be defining a data source. Teradata SQL Assistant can be used to connect to any RDBMS that supports ODBC connection. To connect to a Teradata RDBMS , lets DEFINE DATA SOURCE first.
Go to TOOLS –> DEFINE DATA SOURCE –> ADD –> scroll down and select TERADATA –> FINISH
NAME: Enter the name with which you want to identify this connection.
Description: Enter Description about the connection
USERNAME: Enter USERNAME with which you will connect to TERADATA.
PASSWORD: Enter PASSWORD for the user.
SESSION CHARACTER SET: Select the appropriate Character Set : ASCII , UTF8 etc

Click OK and prompt will come to save password , If you want to save password and want to avoid entering password all the time you connect via this connection , click on YES else NO. So now you have set the connection. To Connect to Teradata via this connection: Go to TOOLS –> CONNECT
Or there is icon below FILE Menu. Select the connection which you have just created. Now you are connected to the Teradata Server and you can run your SQL queries now in query window.

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