Teradata Date Functions – Advance

Below are few Teradata DATE Functions that can be used to get more details about any DATE.

a) SEL DATE; — 2013-07-22

b) SEL TD_DAY_OF_WEEK(DATE); –2 i.e. Day of the Week. [Monday]

c) SEL TD_DAY_OF_MONTH(DATE); –22 i.e. Day of the Month

d) SEL TD_DAY_OF_YEAR(DATE); –203 i.e. 203 day of the year

e) SEL TD_DAY_OF_CALENDAR(DATE); –41476 i.e. days since 01-Jan-1900

f) SEL TD_WEEKDAY_OF_MONTH(DATE); –4 i.e. 4th Monday of Month

g) SEL TD_WEEK_OF_MONTH(DATE); — 3 i.e. 3rd FULL WEEK of the MONTH.

h) SEL TD_WEEK_OF_YEAR(DATE); — 29 i.e. 29th FULL WEEK of the YEAR.

i) SEL TD_WEEK_OF_CALENDAR(DATE); — 5925 i.e. 5925th FULL WEEK of the YEAR since 01-Jan-1900.

j) SEL TD_MONTH_OF_QUARTER(DATE); — 1 i.e. 1st Month of Quarter

k) SEL TD_MONTH_OF_YEAR(DATE); — 7 i.e. 7th Month of the Year

l) SEL TD_MONTH_OF_CALENDAR(DATE); — 1363 i.e. 1363th Month SINCE 01-Jan-1990

m) SEL TD_QUARTER_OF_YEAR(DATE); — 3 i.e. 3rd quarter of the year

n) SEL TD_QUARTER_OF_CALENDAR(DATE); — 455 i.e. 455th quarter since 01-Jan-1990


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