SQL on Hadoop

Hello Friends. Today I would like to share my personal observation of Indian IT market with respect to Data warehouse. For the past 7 years I have been sharing Teradata related posts and I hope I was able to help you guys. Now you know Teradata however you shall learn Hadoop too. My personal advise is to all of you that let’s not restrict ourselves to Teradata. In contemporary market BIGDATA is a buzz word and more and more job opportunities are available in HADOOP ecosystem than Teradata. I mean there are few jobs which may require Teradata as core skill however having some knowledge of Hadoop may give you upper hand in your next interview. We all know about Teradata warehouse and the ETL processes and BTEQ script and other Utilities however now there is a trend in industry to offload jobs from Teradata to Hadoop. The idea is to convert a traditional RDBMS warehouse to HADOOP warehouse. There are so many tutorials available online for HADOOP however I will be sharing my first hand experience of converting RDBMS warehouse to HADOOP warehouse. You may feel that HADOOP is for people who knows programming languages like JAVA, Python etc. However trust me it’s a myth and actually people with strong SQL skills are always required in any warehouse environment.

We have started a new blog (SQLandHADOOP.com)and focus will be more on SQL on HADOOP ecosystem. We will go through various SQL framework and tools available in hadoop. We won’t cover configuration details or HADOOP basics. We will intentionally move to the bottom line and see how different SQL framework can be used to replicate some what similar environment as RDBMS warehouse. The first and perhaps most popular SQL infrastructure in hadoop is HIVE and in next few posts we will see how to perform DDL and DML operations in HIVE and what are the restrictions and how to overcome it.

If you want me to share anything in specific in HADOOP feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to cover it in future blogs. Happy learning. Cheers.


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