I was working on a project recently which involved data migration from Teradata to Hadoop. Most of the data migration was done using sqoop. However there was a requirement to do a quick lookup into Teradata table and do some processing in Spark. For this, I wanted to use Spark as it involves comparing data in Teradata table with HIVE table. So I connected Teradata via JDBC and created a dataframe from Teradata table. Next I created a dataframe from Hive table and did comparison. Let’s see an example below for connecting Teradata to Spark directly via JDBC connection. Step 1: We will need 3Read More →

Apache Zeppelin is a multi-purpose software that can be used for data visualization, data ingestion, data discovery and data analytics. You can check the below mentioned URL to know more about it and to download the software. https://zeppelin.apache.org/ In download section, I’ll suggest to download the “Binary package with all interpreters” which provides number of interpreters that can be used to connect to various sources. In today’s tutorial, we will see: How to create interpreter to be used for Teradata in Zeppelin? How to connect to Teradata using interpreter and run queries? How to create simple pie-chart for data visualization report? Note: We assume youRead More →